Volunteers needed!!!

Motto: Connecting to God through Serving others and Growing together.

Vision:  Leading People to a Life Changing Relationship with Jesus Christ.

There are many things that will be generalized here, check with your team leader for specifics.

(Under Construction: Check back again soon for more details on each of the jobs)

Organizer Steve Perez - any and all questions regarding this event should be directed to him.

Prayer Team:

  • There will be a booth in the Sanctuary for prayer.
  • Encourage and pray for those that need prayer.
  • Lead people to a life changing relationship with Christ, by presenting the Gospel, praying the sinner prayer, setting up time to meet with them in the future.
  • People will be brought to this booth so it is important to get people information for proper follow up.
  • This event will need Prayer warriors to be praying over the people that are attending. 
  • Make sure the person has Madison's welcome to the family letter and a Bible.

Greeting Team:

  • Very important to smile
  • Help people check in
  • Point out different attractions

Trunk Team:

  • Hold conversations with those attending and ask questions:
  • ( Be willing to listen intently and make it about them)
  • Here's a few to ask them:
  • How is life treating you?
  • Do you have a community that your involved with; and give a brief why your here at Madison
  • How can we pray for them (specifically try to point them towards the PRAYER BOOTH)

Candy Runner:

  • This team will ensure each trunk has a sufficient amount of candy.
  • They will be responsible for preparation and sorting of the candy prior the event.

 Food Service:

  • MENU - Hot Dogs, Condiments (ketchup, mustard, relish, ‘japs,’ onions and buns),
  • Water (ice), Cotton Candy (in a cup), Popcorn (in a bag)
  • Food handlers card is required.
  • Maintain Health and safety standards as team leaders will have all the details.


  • Maintain orderly conduct and keep the lines to a minimum


  • Show up early to setup 3:30 pm preferred, contact your team leader for all the details
  • Finish time is when everyone is done breaking down and storing all of the events attractions.

Pre-Evangelism Team:

  • Training will be specific and will occur prior to this event.